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Danger 5 Coming to a Computer Screen Near You!

Now, does this look too good to be true or what? [youtube 0Z09bNgSeMI] Eye-busting retro design, bizarre concepts, nostalgic stop-motion dinosaurs! What Danger 5 seems to be — in case you haven’t heard of it and haven’t guessed from the … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Poisoned — New Zombie Horror from Israel

Poisoned is a zombie comedy, filmed in Israel by David Lubetzky ( דידי לובצקי ) and currently in the final editing stages. Synopsis (short): What makes this night different from all nights? On this night, the army really marches on … Continue reading

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You Can Haz Chawz

Though the South Korean giant boar flick, Chaw (directed by Jeong-won Shin), has already been released to DVD elsewhere in the Western world (such as here in Oz) under the title Chaw, it seems some folk want to “subtly” sledgehammer … Continue reading

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The Incredible HALKa

So this small guy has a passion for a girl who seems to spent a lot of time on display on her balcony. He gets mocked and bullied by the big guys. So he resorts to a green chemical concoction … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Film: Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy (US-2007; short; dir. David May) This is an excellent film — beautifully made, funny and professional, with top-class SFX. It’s about a couple dealing with a very big spider that they discover infesting their house. Enjoy! Itsy Bitsy

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