If People Can Get Turned Into Zombies, What About Werewolves?

This profound existential question, asked by all of us at some point, I’m sure, is set to be answered by Zombie Werewolves Attack! (US-2010; dir. Chris Green).


Zombie Werewolves Attack! The name says it all, a hilariously fun B-Movie classic to be. The film is about a small group of friends that are enjoying a party, only to have it crashed by uninvited guests. After barely surviving the werewolf attack, they learn that it has killed most of the people in their town. Now, surrounded by a town turned into werewolves, they face a difficult dilemma. Can they kill the innocent victims of the wolves, now werewolves themselves, to survive? (Press release)

Originally titled The Howlers Come!, Zombie Werewolves Attack! is a horror/comedy and is being distributed on DVD by good ol’ Troma Entertainment, that indefatigable purveyor of quality genre cinema.


I’ll be intrigued to see if these werewolves prove to be actual undead creatures in any way that matters, and not just really ugly wolfmen…

According to writer/director Chris Green, the film should be available for down-load this weekend, just in time for Halloween. Just keep an eye on the Tromo website and such places as Netflix, Video on Demand, iTunes. DVDs will follow.

Directors Bio:

Chris Green (pictured above at is a filmmaker, and Director of Photography from Mississauga, Ontario. He is a graduate of the Ryerson University Film Studies diploma program, and he has produced several short films including Arnie Juice, which played in four film festivals across Canada. Chris has also just completed his first feature length film, Zombie Werewolves Attack! a horror/comedy which is now being distributed by Troma Entertainment, and has also played in two film festivals so far. Chris has also recently been accepted into the Emerging 20 program, through the ReelWorld film festival, at TIFF 2010. This program honours 20 top new emerging talents with Face-to-Face meetings with industry professionals such as broadcasters, government funders, and distributors to help open doors. His current projects include: a television commercial for 321-Team Mortgages, which will be seen soon on OMNI TV and SunTV in the greater Toronto area, and a Horror Anthology film with 6 other directors about the last man on earth, titled The Last. Chris is also working on the development of his second feature film, a Sci-Fi Thriller.

Sources: Official website; Facebook; MySpace page; IMDb; Animal Attack; via Avery. Written by Rob Hood

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5 Responses to If People Can Get Turned Into Zombies, What About Werewolves?

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  3. BrianTaylor says:

    I love the costume design. Do you have a plan for a next one like “zombie vampires?” Although both are technically living-deads already. I worked with this film financing company a while back I just thought it might come in handy for you in the future.

  4. Chris Green says:

    Thanks, we had a great Makeup team. There’s some concept art for the masks on our facebookpage.

    Funny you should mention Zombie Vampires, I just did a Podcast interview a couple of days ago and was asked the same thing. Are we going to see the next evolution to Zombie Werewolf Vampires? LOL Funny stuff, check out the interview: http://bit.ly/9tnptk

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