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If People Can Get Turned Into Zombies, What About Werewolves?

This profound existential question, asked by all of us at some point, I’m sure, is set to be answered by Zombie Werewolves Attack! (US-2010; dir. Chris Green). Synopsis: Zombie Werewolves Attack! The name says it all, a hilariously fun B-Movie … Continue reading

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New: Attack of the Indian Werewolf

Touted as the most ambitious film ever to come from South Africa, Attack of the Indian Werewolf (South Africa-2010; dir. Masood Boomgaard) is a horror comedy of a somewhat wacky kind — Indian style. “Get dalad”? Synopsis: Brandon (Neville Pillay) … Continue reading

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Keeping the Werewolf Drugged

Making a connection between lycanthropy and drug addiction should add an effective metaphorical texture to Joel Potrykus’ short film, Coyote. Drugs and addiction have been effectively applied to the vampire mythos, where an obvious synchronicity exists between the vampire’s need … Continue reading

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