Leading the Latest Cuban Revolution

And now… a Spanish-Cuban zombie comedy called Juan of the Dead [aka Juan de los Muertos](no prizes for guessing what this is ripping off), written and directed by Alejandro Brugués, produced by Gervasio Iglesias, Inti Herrera and Claudia Calviño, and starring Alexis Díaz de Villegas, Jorge Molina, Jazz Vilá and Andros Perugorría. Apparently it has a budget of about US$2.6m, which is a big deal for Havana.


Juan is a typical forty-year-old slacker. One day he notices that the inhabitants of Havana are getting more and more aggressive and well, dead. Juan decides that the best way to cope with it is to make a buck out of the situation. “Juan of the dead, we kill your loved ones” is his slogan, and his mission is to help people get rid of those pesky undead relatives that folk may not want to slaughter themselves … for a price, of course. But the situation gets worse — while everyone is escaping to Miami by sea, Juan is left with no choice but to become a hero, staying to defend his country and protect his own life on an island that has turned into a real bloodbath. (Source)

Teaser Trailer 1:

Teaser Trailer 2:

Shaun of the Dead meets The Ghostbusters…

Source: Quiet Earth

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