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I love Eric Powell’s irreverent, tongue-in-cheek, old-school comic series The Goon, which is full to the brim with black humour, zombies and even the odd giant monster. Relishing its occasionally Kirbyesque influences, but totally unique in itself, The Goon features a big ugly thug who works for the mobster Labrazio, taking care of his territory with a no-nonsense attitude, blazing fists and a sort of left-field reverence for the inhabitants of his town. He’s accompanied by his somewhat less imposing, but sardonic and weaselly pal Franky. Together they try to work their somewhat suss jobs while fighting off incursions by cops, other crims, the Zombie Priest and his stinky, mindless zombies, giant monsters and the madman scientist Dr Alloy.

What I didn’t realise was that an animated feature version of The Goon has been in production for some time. Going on the following “Extended Footage” teaser, I’d say the creators have nailed it totally. Characterisation, tone and attitude here are perfect.

Teaser Trailer:

It’s written by Eric Powell and directed by Jeff Fowler and Tim Miller, with the voice work of Paul Giamatti (Frankie) and Clancy Brown (Goon). It’s co-produced by Mike Richardson (The Mask, Mr Warmth: The Don Rickles Project, Hellboy II: The Golden Army), Dark Horse Entertainment, filmmaker David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club) and animation company Blur Studio, Inc. According to IMDb, it’s out in 2011 sometime. I can’t wait!

The Goon in Action:

Sources: Dark Horse Comics; The Goon Movie. Written by Robert Hood

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