Exclusive: First Image of the New Killer Shrews

Okay, so I’d just finished putting up some video material shot on the location set of Return of the Killer Shrews (US-2011; dir. Steve Latshaw) — the sequel to the 1959 exploitation horror cheapie, The Killer Shrews — when the first image released of the new killer shrews turned up in my in-box, courtesy of  Scott Romine and James and Dorothy Best. It shows a creature that is utterly different from the dashshund-in-fur critters that were bodgied up for the first film.

As giant mutant shrews go, it looks great, doesn’t it?

Certainly as compared to:

As you no doubt know by now, the new film stars James Best, who was the lead in the original film all those years ago. He’s playing the same character — years later, as he unwillingly returns to the Killer Shrew island and finds himself again facing the toothy monstrosities. For a full synopsis, check out this earlier Backbrain article.

Unlike the first film, this one is reputed to be much more ambitious, aspiring to much better production values and a bigger budget. They’ve so far snaffled some bigger names to take starring roles, including John Schneider (ex-Duke of Hazzard and Clark Kent’s father in Smallville), Sean Flynn (grandson of Errol), Jennifer Lyons (Desperate Housewives) and Bruce Davison (X-Men and a million other things).

In these YouTube interviews, James Best explains why this film will be “a real film” as opposed to the fun, but admittedly fairly lousy, original:

[youtube ENbPdAqenis]

[youtube 5xsmszbewRg]

Above: Director Steve Latshaw, Dan Golden and co-writer Pat Moran on location
in the Santa Clarita area during filming

Check out the new article on Undead Brainspasm for more pictures and some fun on-set shenanigans from Best. There is also a Flash slideshow of production shots on the film website here (under the date June 2nd, 2011).

  • Source: Scott Romine and James and Dorothy Best via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood
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