Zombie Get-Together: The Reunion

Of his new zombie film, The Reunion, writer/director Jeff Stewart comments:

“It’s a cross between HBO’s hit series The Wire and the zombie film Dawn of the Dead…  an urban zombie flick.”

Blending imagery, themes and story elements from both crime dramas and zombie films, the cross-genre thriller depicts men and women embroiled in the world of crime, their lives affected by tragedy, redemption and betrayal. But further pressure is put on everyone when a zombie outbreak erupts across the city.


The story revolves around Braxton and Ben, two childhood friends who end up in the drug trade. When Ben is sent to jail, Braxton decides to call it quits and become an honest businessman. Ben is released early and is threatening to destroy everything Braxton has built. With no choice, Braxton enacts a plan to “deal” with his former friend and business partner, but before he can take action all hell breaks loose. Now the former friends must work together to stay alive against an onslaught of the undead.

As you can see from this poster, The Reunion‘s got all the requisite dramatic requirements for a crime thriller — plus zombies. And there’s lots of them!

[youtube ATk4rdZrQq8]

The Reunion stars (among others) Kirk Ponton (The City is Mine), Chase Toretto (The Bastard Men of Root Flats) and Ronnie Armani. It was filmed in New Jersey with an estimated budget of $35,000 (IMDb).

Imagery from The Reunion, which is still in production, is looking extremely effective, managing to give an artful quality even to the abundant, exploitation-style violence. The zombie hordes look excellent.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye or three out for this one.

Check out the Gallery below for more imagery from the film, as well as alternative posters, production shots, gore, more zombies, concept art and more.


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  1. Avery Guerra says:

    Looks awesome as hell! Thanks for the details Jeff and keep up the great work.

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