Look! Up in the Sky…

Superman, right? No? Then maybe it’s Supergirl or Superboy. What about Superboy Prime, Bizarro Superman, Cyborg Superman, the Superman/Batman Composite Superman, Superman Red/Superman Blue, Super Mite, Krypto the Super Dog and (according to my Superman Encyclopedia) Supercat or Super Horse?  (Though I confess I’ve never come across recent evidence of those latter two in the “literature”. Must have disappeared during one of the Crisis storylines.)

Anyway, what we have here isn’t one of DC Comics’ super creations. It’s the brain child of a different imagination entirely. Nevertheless, as is said in the trailer, “bullets bounce off it, it walks around on its fins, and it flies”. It’s Super Shark.

Here, courtesy of Fred Olen Ray, is a new trailer for his upcoming Super Shark film, done as a music video with R&B superstar Harvey Scales giving it his 70s Blaxploitation spin!

[youtube g7NensFOB3o]

Leap in! Remember: “A whale of a killer, he makes Jaws look like Flipper. He’s Super Shark!”

Via Avery Guerra.

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