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Exclusive! First Look at Maggots!

Bobby Bragg has been in the film business for quite a while now, mostly as a stuntman and actor, but also in other major roles from writer to director and producer. In a career that spans several decades from the … Continue reading

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Exclusive Release News: Dino Wolf

We just heard from Fred Olen Ray that his film Dino Wolf — formerly known as Dire Wolf but now having embraced the current monster throwback conceit, in the tradition of Dino-Shark — will be out on October 18 on the … Continue reading

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Look! Up in the Sky…

Superman, right? No? Then maybe it’s Supergirl or Superboy. What about Superboy Prime, Bizarro Superman, Cyborg Superman, the Superman/Batman Composite Superman, Superman Red/Superman Blue, Super Mite, Krypto the Super Dog and (according to my Superman Encyclopedia) Supercat or Super Horse?  … Continue reading

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Destroy All Planets 2010

No, not a remake, but a digitally tarted-up reissue from Fred Olen Ray’s Retromedia. Gamera tai uchu kaiju Bairasu [trans. Gamera vs the Outer Space Monster Virus] (1968; dir. Noriaki Yuasa) was the fourth Gamera film from would-be rival to … Continue reading

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