Two Suns in the Sunset

So sang Roger Waters on the Pink Floyd album The Final Cut. It was an image evoking the detonation of a nuclear bomb seen on the horizon as the sun sets — both signaling an end.

Then George Lucas gave us Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s desert planet.

Seeing that image in Star Wars, many scoffed and said it was impossible to have a planet orbiting two suns. How often have you heard that kind of nit-pickery in the aftermath of a science fiction film viewing?

Now there’s this, an artist’s impression of Kepler-16(AB)-b:

Yes, astronomers have discovered a binary system with an orbiting planet — Kepler-16(AB)-b or “Tatooine” as it is being dubbed.

Read about it on

So much for the nit-pickers.

  • Written  by Robert Hood
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