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So here we have a new indie horror movie. It’s called Fear in the Gorge. You want to know what it’s about? Well, what might you fear to stumble upon in a gorge? Prehistoric survivors, such as a hungry T-Rex? Rapacious mutant ants? A family of cannibalistic hillbillys? The ghosts of murdered campers? Orcs?

How about a monstrous version of Captain America?

Fear in the Gorge is an independent feature-length film written and directed by Raymond R. Loscar and being produced through Spook Night Films. It takes a slightly divergent view of one of the most iconic of cryptozoological mysteries: Bigfoot.

In the early 1970s (according to the film’s back-story), the US Government attempted to create expendable foot soldiers, for use in the Vietnam War, using a Rapid Oviparous Cloning Technique that had been developed a few years earlier. Not so much super-soldiers, as super-cannon-fodder. During the top-secret project, a new humanoid species was created and accidentally released into the forest. The whole thing was promptly hushed up, of course.

In 2005, while on a hiking/fishing trip in the gorge forest, four friends stumble upon what they believe is Bigfoot. One of the friends, Billy, decides to shoot it and drag the carcase back into town as ultimate proof that the legendary creature really does exist (or at least did exist). Billy ends up only wounding it however, and they lose track of the monster in the gorge forest. But, you know, wounded wild animals generally end up even more pissed off than they had been already. During the night, the four friends are startled by the angry beast that now appears to have one aim in life: to bash their skulls in. The friends quickly devise a plan to ambush the critter and finish it off before it finishes them off. But during the night the tables are turned and the four friends become the hunted.

Director Loscar aims to finish the film in time for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Check out the trailer:

[youtube xw81pq6B1uM]

  • Production: Raymond Loscar (Director; Producer; Lead writer); Shaun Loscar (Assistant)
  • Main Cast: Ashhad Toor, David Donovan, Jordan Loscar, Joseph Loscar, Mary Loscar, Ray Klavon, Robert DeVenny, Ryan Sloan, Shaun Loscar (Voice)
  • Crew: Greg Loscar (Cinematographer/DP (1st Feature); Camera Operator); Mary Loscar (Assistant Camera); Raymond Loscar (Additional Photography); Ryan Sloan (Assistant Camera); Mary Loscar (Makeup Artist; Makeup Effects); Jordan Loscar (Stunt Coordinator); Shaun Loscar (Stunt Coordinator); Raymond Loscar (Special Effects; Technical Advisor); Raymond Loscar (Editor; Sound Editor; Digital Effects)

Source: Raymond Loscar via Avery Guerra; written by Robert Hood.

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