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Billed as “the most exciting dinosaur action movie since Jurassic Park!”, The Dinosaur Project is a UK CGI-driven “lost world”-type adventure thriller. It’s directed by Sid Bennett, whose resumé includes the semi-fictional prehistoric TV documentary series, Prehistoric Park (2006) — in particular the episodes “Saving the Sabre Tooth” and “Dino-Birds”.

Filmed in the “camera verité” style made famous (in more recent times anyway) by The Blair Witch Project (1998), Paranormal Activity (2007), Cloverfield (2008), The Zombie Dairies (2006) and The Troll Hunter (2010) — to name but a few — The Dinosaur Project follows the fortunes of a film crew traveling deep in the Congo, who discover that assorted 65-million-year-old dinosaur species are alive, thriving and generally predatory, as is their wont.

Below is a dead one, caught at ground-level by a dropped camera.

The film stars  Natasha Loring (pictured below), Peter Brooke (Spooks, Doctor Who, The Wild West) and Matt Kane (The Cut). It is produced by Moonlighting Films and will be distributed through StudioCanal, with digital SFX by BAFTA award-winning effects house Jellyfish Pictures, who got some dino practice in via the TV movie The Last Dragon (2004) and T-Rex: A Dinosaur in Hollywood (2005).

Going on the dinosaurs featured in some of the production shots the Backbrain acquired, all dino lovers out there are in for a treat.

The film is currently in post-production for release in 2012.

Source: via Avery Guerra; StudioCanal; IMDb. Written by Robert Hood.


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  2. Sounds good! I love a good dinosaur movie!

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