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Throwing Some Light on the Dark Earth

Scottish-born director, screenwriter and old-school FX monster obsessive Peter A. Montgomery is nothing if not determined. His latest project — his most ambitious yet — is a feature film called Dark Earth that offers up monsters, period-set science fiction/fantasy adventure … Continue reading

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First Hints As To What The Expedition Found

The makers of the “Lost World” film The Expedition (UK-2014; dir. Adam Spinks) [see Undead Backbrain article “What Happened to the Expedition?”] have provided a few visual hints as to what The Expedition‘s hapless team members stumbled upon in the … Continue reading

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Of Monsters and the Mafia

Indie stalwart Mark Polonia of the Polonia Bros has just finished major photography on a film that features the mob and a dinosaurian monster. It’s called Meateaters, which probably indicates that we’re not dealing with a herbavore. There’s something intriguingly … Continue reading

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Did We Land On a Dinosaur? Exclusive Details on Tape 407

Dinosaurs depicted via the “found footage” technique have been making themselves apparent lately. In September the Backbrain drew your attention to The Dinosaur Project (US-2012; dir. Sid Bennett)– an in-production “lost world” movie filmed in a “found footage” (or camera … Continue reading

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News: The Dinosaur Project

Billed as “the most exciting dinosaur action movie since Jurassic Park!”, The Dinosaur Project is a UK CGI-driven “lost world”-type adventure thriller. It’s directed by Sid Bennett, whose resumé includes the semi-fictional prehistoric TV documentary series, Prehistoric Park (2006) — in … Continue reading

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