Exclusive: Don’t Try Injecting These Spiders

From the director and crew of the fantastically monstrous exploitation flick El Monstro del Mar comes a new Australian short (15-minute) film that manages to combine rock chicks, acid and alien spiders.

In The Acid Spiders, directed by Stuart Simpson, a group of girls, rehearsing for their psychedelic rock band, take liquid acid to explore new sounds unobtainable by normal perception. What they didn’t count on was an invasion of evil alien spiders intent on turning their home into a nest of bloody carnage.

According to Simpson, it’s a film that will melt your heart … and then your brain. And then your face will fall off.

Don’t get bitten by … the Acid Spiders!

Here a preview:

[youtube 0rhis8NrK_w]

Lots of alien ickiness, gore and melting flesh! Looks like fun for all the family.

Acid Spiders stars: Karli Madden (El Monstro Del Mar!), Luisa Tascone,  Kimberly Reynolds, Lizzy Dynon, Sarah Groenewoud and Nick Kocsis.
Costumes: Claire Mueller
Music: Heath Brown and Fabian Pisani
Camera Lighting: Stuart Simpson
Writers: Stuart Simpson and Chris Malone
Special Make-up Effects: Nick Kocsis (El Monstro Del Mar!)
Editor/Director: Stuart Simpson

The film is screening at the Royal Flush Film Festival in NY and the Buffalo Screams Film Festival this year. Commented Simpson: “We just had its world premiere in Melbourne at the Monstro DVD launch last Friday night. Went down a treat! Also it’s included on the El Monstro Del Mar!” Australian DVD and will hopefully accompany the eventual US disc.”

About his poster above, Simpson commented: “Kinda reminds me of trashy 80’s horror artwork…” Indeed!



  • Source: Stuart Simpson via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood.
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