Old Fairy Tales Re-Told: Jack the Giant Killer

Having just watched the very excellent Norwegian found-footage giant monster film Trolljegeren [aka The Troll Hunter] (Norway-2010; dir. André Ovredal), which postulates the continuing existence of traditional trolls — straight from folktales, with bulbous noses and all — and an official conspiracy of silence in hiding their existence from the general populace, I was interested to come across the trailer for Bryan Singer’s re-telling of the fairytale classic, Jack the Giant Killer — set, it seems, in a period, fairytale setting, complete with evil supernatural powers and princesses in need of rescue.

[youtube eeU89Ij4ULQ]

Naturally the internet naysayers are out in force already, but this looks pretty good to me, sticking, as it seems to do, to the spirit of the original tale. Love the beanstalk!

The story’s most-notable previous cinematic re-telling was Jack the Giant Killer (US-1962; dir. Nathan Duran), which featured 60s “historical hero” Kerwin Mathews (who had become well-known thanks to the 1958 classic The 7th Voyage of Sinbad) and the stop-motion work of an assortment of animators, most notably the uncredited Jim Danforth.

[youtube 4CvBbgDzQ94]

The film still has undeniable charm, but was never one of the great stop-motion classics, despite the power of nostalgia to evoke negative online comparisons with the as-yet-unseen 2012 CGI-based remake.

  • Written by Robert Hood
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1 Response to Old Fairy Tales Re-Told: Jack the Giant Killer

  1. Yugagarin says:

    Yeah, i like CGI and Stop-Motion effects. But i don’t like an actor in a rubber suit, rsrs.

    I think this remake can be fun. Well, it all depends on the script.

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