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The Old Man and the Monster: New Swedish Horror

Nordic Noir (as crime fiction from the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden is being tagged) already has a strong presence on the Backbrain’s TV must-watch list (not to mention reading list). But there’s also been a … Continue reading

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Old Fairy Tales Re-Told: Jack the Giant Killer

Having just watched the very excellent Norwegian found-footage giant monster film Trolljegeren [aka The Troll Hunter] (Norway-2010; dir. André Ovredal), which postulates the continuing existence of traditional trolls — straight from folktales, with bulbous noses and all — and an … Continue reading

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Hunting Trolls

No, the trolls we’re talking about here aren’t internet sociopaths who get their thrills from lurking in the dark corners of cyberspace, provoking trouble on blogs and forums — though the modern digital incarnation gets his/her name by analogy from … Continue reading

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Do the Troll Stomp!

This is just an 18 second clip, but it’s so cool I had to run it here on the main site. It’s from the upcoming “camera verité”, fake doco monster flick from Norway Trolljegeren [aka The Troll Hunter] (Norway-2010; dir. … Continue reading

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