Festival Trailer for The Millennium Bug: Now with Lots More Monster

We just received the all-new trailer for the giant-monster/hillbilly horror film The Millennium Bug (US-2011; dir. Kenneth Cran), made for festival promotion and cranned full … sorry, crammed full of inbred nastiness and scenes of giant non-CGI monster rampage. Check it out.

[youtube Irvsc1430hQ]

The Millennium Bug is a flat-out, gore-filled, kaiju celebration — deviant love-child of Ishiro Honda and Rob Zombie. You won’t understand the sheer perverse geek joy of this film without actually seeing it, so head for the official website and blog to check for festival appearances. Or wait for the upcoming DVD release.

While you’re waiting, you can get a feel for things from this highly amusing interview, in which some of the actors give their reactions to the film’s extreme weirdness, and actress Ginger Pullman tells all about her first day of filming, which involved a prosthetic vagina and giving birth to something nasty…

[youtube 4OqIILoYvFM]

For more on The Millennium Bug, see previous Backbrain articles on the subject.

  • via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood.
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