Seasons Greetings, Fellow Monsterphiles

On behalf of Undead Backbrain, Undead Brainspasm and subsidiary sites, I just want to wish everyone well for the Christmas holidays and for 2012.

Kaiju Search-Robot Avery added this similarly themed greeting, which I thought I’d share — though we don’t have an actual attribution for the image:

And while we’re at it, some of the people whose work we’ve been featuring sent their greetings:

You can get more information about these exciting re-inventions of classic monster flicks on Undead Backbrain and the Brainspasm site:

  • Return of the Killer Shrews: on Undead Backbrain here, here and the trailer here; on Undead Brainspasm here.
  • Gila!: on Undead Backbrain here; and on the Brainspasm here.
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