First Sighting of Jellyfish Eyes’ Monsters

Two of the monster designs for Part 1 of artist Takashi Murakami’s proposed live-action fantasy trilogy, Mememe no Kurage (Jellyfish Eyes) [if you need to catch up, see  The Art of Monsters: Takashi Murakami and Jellyfish Eyes], have surfaced — and they look suitably cute:

These are, of course, the “small” versions of the monsters, before they mutate into much bigger, city-stomping daikaiju.

And here’s an early poster, rampant with Murakami-style imagery:

Source: Generasia and via Avery Guerra.

Addendum: Jellyfish Eyes will be in theaters in Japan from 26 April 2013. The story is set after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Sueoka Takuto stars as a young boy named Masashi, whose family moves to a new city. He discovers a strange jellyfish-like creature that adults cannot see (presumably, and he and the creature gradually become friends. Asami Himeka plays the heroine, a young girl who spends her time with Masashi and the “friend.” Other cast members include Sometani Shota, Kubota Masataka, Saito Takumi, Tsuruta Mayu, and Tsuda Kanji.


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3 Responses to First Sighting of Jellyfish Eyes’ Monsters

  1. Jason says:

    So it will be Live Action giant monsters movie? Mm! Hope it will be good.

  2. Robert Hood says:

    Yes, a live action giant monster movie (well, trilogy of films, according to recent reports), using CGI animation, I assume. Here is what it’s about: Set after a devastating earthquake has struck Japan, Jellyfish Eyes “follows a young boy who … has to move with his family to an ‘experimental city’ where each child is paired with a small monster. The ‘angry feeling’ of the children then gives these creatures great power, allowing them to grow from cuddly little companions to giant, omnivorous behemoths that tower over buildings and, in one especially gorgeous scene, tromp majestically through a misty forest. Havoc ensues.” (Source: Artinfo)

  3. Jason says:

    Oh no((( No CGI animation! =((( it destroy the movies… Epidemy of CGI in movies is awfull…

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