An Attraction to Kaiju

Given the state-of-play out there in the movie world, kaiju (or daikaiju) have a large appeal to at least a certain (maybe-growing) percentage of the cinematic audience. But when does attraction become perversion?

Relativistically, giant monster sex is not something too many people would consider viable, not across species anyway. Still that never stops anyone.  Japanese director Minoru Kawasaki has never been one for keeping his absurdities confined to the dungeons of the mind — as some of his previous films, such as The Calamari Wrestler, Executive Koala and The World Sinks Except Japan illustrate. Sooner or later daikaiju porn was bound to occur to him. Miscegenation on an impossible scale!


Now he’s wedded daikaiju eiga (giant monster films) and hentai (roughly translated as  sexual perversion and used to refer to porn) together to produce Chikyuu Bouei Miboujin [aka 地球防衛未亡人 or Earth Defense Widow]. In it, actress Mitsu Dan stars as a widowed ex-geisha, now a member of an Earth Defense Force doing what Earth Defense Forces do — that is, dealing with invading giant monsters. The problem is, she’s turned on by the kaiju she is fighting. It can be awkward.

Mitsu Dan

Anyway, it’s all rubber suits and masochism … um, machismo, and who knows where that will lead?


Here’s the rather good-looking trailer. Note that reports the words spoken by the doctor to the main character at the end translate as: “You are a magnificent pervert.”

[youtube onuF5IqD1qs] via Avery Guerra. Poster sourced from

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