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Who Says the Space Monsters Must Die?

So what do you get when you toss a gaggle of giant monsters into the one film? Pacific Rim? Well, yeah, but not this time. Destroy All Monsters? That’s more like it, at least according to the director of a … Continue reading

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Giant Monsters vs Giant Hero … and It’s Not Ultraman

As you can see from the following concept trailer, Red Jade shares an ancestry that grew from Gojira/Godzilla (daikaiju eiga) and split off into the tokusatsu TV series Ultraman (most notably) — in which a human “host” channels the power … Continue reading

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An Attraction to Kaiju

Given the state-of-play out there in the movie world, kaiju (or daikaiju) have a large appeal to at least a certain (maybe-growing) percentage of the cinematic audience. But when does attraction become perversion? Relativistically, giant monster sex is not something … Continue reading

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Zella Suits Up

A Backbrain Exclusive It’s official. CGI hasn’t totally killed off the latex suits and miniature sets. Undead Backbrain, in the person of monster-film hound Avery Guerra, has unearthed a new, good-looking daikaiju eiga (giant monster film) being made using traditional … Continue reading

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Pacific Rim: “The Money Shot”

Despite the bizarre (though sadly predictable) rash of internet naysayers who seem intent on burying Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim before it even premieres, I am so looking forward to this. The following video shows you, at least in part, … Continue reading

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Reality Has Shifted: We Have Pacific Rim

I’m speechless — which is convenient as I have little time to write anything elaborate. But I have to put the latest trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim on this site to record the moment when giant monster geekdom … Continue reading

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Jellyfish Eyes: The New Yôkai?

Images of the cute yet bizarre kaiju (that is, monsters) inhabiting Takashi Murakami’s much-anticipated fantasy Mememe no Kurage (Jellyfish Eyes) reveal an imagination that has taken its own established aesthetic and created a weird, toy-like pantheon of creatures very reminiscent, in … Continue reading

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Pacific Rim Synopsis

The first lengthy synopsis for Guillermo Del Toro’s new monster film Pacific Rim certainly gives a clearer picture of what we’re in for than does the earlier mundane IMDb summary: “When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots … Continue reading

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Mad Gods and Ghibli…

Here’s an interesting oddity: as part of a museum exhibition running from July 10 to October 8 at Tokyo’s Museum of Contemporary Art titled Hideaki Anno’s Special Effects Museum, Anno is working with Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli to make a short … Continue reading

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Monstrous Tourists

These vintage Japanese bromide cards — known as Pachimon Postcards — were published by Yokopro in the 1970s. They feature “pachimon kaiju”, counterfeit monsters that have been painted into scenes of familiar tourist attractions and locations around the world. As … Continue reading

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