Update: Meateaters Is Ready To Chew the Scenery

Meateaters is the latest B-monster flick from the Polonia Bros. Entertainment. It was highlighted during January by Undead Backbrain in an article that explored the world of Monsters vs The Mafia on film.



An excavation blast unleashes prehistoric terror on a small community in this pulse pounding Sci-Fi action film! A group of small time bank robbers and a thieving gun-moll end up unlikely partners during a botched heist.  They’re after the money, the mob is after them, and the hungry dinosaur has everyone on its menu!

Vegetarians beware and prepare to become extinct!  There’s a new criminal in town and it’s hungry for flesh and blood!

The good news is this low-budget/high-enthusiasm thriller that pits Monster against Mob is now playing as a streaming exclusive on www.fullmoonstreaming.com. By voting to support the cult filmmakers that created it you get to see this brand new feature exclusively on the site. Of course, you have to subscribe to a 3-month membership (only $18.00) — but for this pittance, you get to see Meateaters and an incredible wealth of other maverick indie movies, plus the entire Full Moon library — which includes classics such as The Puppet Master flicks, Evil Bong, Robot Wars, Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust, Trancers, Killjoy, Dollman vs Demonic Toys…. and more — in fact a vast library of weirdness such as you won’t believe!


So give Meateaters and director Mark Polonia a hand! After 50 votes the movie gets a nationwide DVD release, and every subscriber gets a free DVD of the movie, so vote now and enjoy hours of sci-fi, horror and fantasy entertainment from industry giant, Charles Band, and a plethora of independent film-makers.

According to publicity, this film is an homage to films like The Beast of Hollow Mountain and Beast of Haunted Cave. It features traditional effects such as stop-motion animation,  puppetry, forced perspective, and all that retro goodness we love!

Time is running out! Go and vote now! Here is the direct link.

Source: via publicist Avery Guerra

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