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An Unexpected Chat with Alex Caine

Some days shriek off in unexpected directions almost from the word go. I was all set to get back into some semi-serious blogging — tossing up between, on the one hand, reporting on the rumour that Donald Trump had threatened … Continue reading

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Hellyfish Slouches Towards Us?

As the poet Yeats asked: “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?” Well, folks, it’s a giant jellyfish. It may not be slouching towards Bethlehem, but it is heading towards a … Continue reading

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Update: Meateaters Is Ready To Chew the Scenery

Meateaters is the latest B-monster flick from the Polonia Bros. Entertainment. It was highlighted during January by Undead Backbrain in an article that explored the world of Monsters vs The Mafia on film. Synopsis: An excavation blast unleashes prehistoric terror … Continue reading

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What Happened to the Expedition?

The Lost World concept has a long and successful history in fiction and on film. From Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World) through to Merian Cooper’s 1933 King Kong … Continue reading

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Little Mechanical Critters Infest the Woods

Here’s another take on monster infestation as seen through the eyes of participants, made in the mockumentary style of The Troll Hunter [trolls], District 9 [aliens], Monsters [alien organisms] and, most famously, The Blair Witch Project [a dead witch] (or … Continue reading

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Wrath Brings Out the Monsters in Us All

With Jonathan Liebesman’s Wrath of the Titans — a sequel to the much-spurned Clash of the Titans —  about to be released upon us, a new, rather spectacular trailer has provoked the usual irrelevant internet complaints of “mythological” inaccuracy — … Continue reading

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Exclusive: An Invasion of Russian Spores

Maksim Dyachuk is a young independent Russian filmmaker. He’s virtually unknown in the industry worldwide, but that may change in the near future if ambition and talent have anything to do with it. Taking his cue from Gareth Edwards (who … Continue reading

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American Kaiju: The Comic Series

Kaiju artist extraordinaire, Todd Tennant — whose work has featured on Undead Backbrain many times (and even appears in the blog’s current header image) — has just told me what has to be the news of the month. “I have … Continue reading

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Review: Monsters

Monsters (US-2010; dir. Gareth Edwards) Reviewed by Robert Hood To some extent, the title tells the story. Monsters is indeed a movie with monsters in it. They’re big, very alien and of daikaiju proportions. But is Monsters a Monster Movie? … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Claws … and Exclusive News

Yeti? Meh-teh [Man-bear]? Migoi [Wild man]? Mirka? Kang Admi [Snow man]? These are all names for the ape-like cryptid that has long been reported as inhabiting the snowbound reaches of the Himalayas (see this Wikipedia article for the derivations of … Continue reading

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