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Evil Dolls, Replicants and Dead Eyes

Dolls might be surrogate friends to children and kitsch collectibles to many adults, but there lingers deep beneath the surface of our cultural awareness of them a dark and unsettling fear. A whole cinematic genre explores the idea of “evil … Continue reading

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What’s For Breakfast? Ask the Oatmeal Man

Is there a horror film tradition of monstrous food? Let’s see, offhand (and ignoring cannibal movies and movies about poisoned edibles) I can think of The Stuff (US-1985; dir. Larry Cohen) [sentient killer yoghurt], The Gingerdead Man (US-2005; dir. Charles … Continue reading

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Weekend Fright Flick: Sebastian’s Voodoo

As indicated, here is a second “short feature” for your weekend viewing. This one is beautiful, poignant and sort of disturbing, all at the same time. It has won over 21 awards (list). Sebastian’s Voodoo (US-2008; short [4:23 min.]; dir. … Continue reading

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Identifying an Evil Doll

Correspondent Richard Duran asks: “For the longest time, I thought that the ‘Amelia’ chapter of Trilogy of Terror gave more background on the Zuni fetish. I have a distinct memory of seeing a movie/show on TV as a child where … Continue reading

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