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Review: In The Winter Dark

In the Winter Dark (Aust-1998; dir. James Bogle) A number of significant Australian films that may be classified as “horror” play more like dramas with a subjective undercurrent of otherworldly influence than full-on supernatural thrillers, perhaps reflecting the ambivalent attitude … Continue reading

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Review: The Land Has Eyes

The Land Has Eyes [aka Pear ya ma’on maf] (Fiji/US- 2004; dir. Vilsoni Hereniko) This Polynesian tribal drama boasts the distinction of being the first feature-length film made by Fijians, and is loosely based on the experiences of director Hereniko … Continue reading

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Banshee on the Loose: Damned by Dawn

Damned By Dawn (Australia-2009; dir. Brett Anstey) Banshees have been seriously underused in ghost cinema, the few that have appeared being only marginally related to the legend — or best forgotten. Banshees have an unique and evocative presence in folklore … Continue reading

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Claws, Blood, Boobs and Freaks

Review: Crustacean (US-2010; dir. L.J. Dopp) by Robert Hood Crustacean is a horror-comedy in the colourfully weird “Circus Freak” subgenre — a heritage that includes films that range from the heights of the horror classic Freaks (US-1932; dir. Tod Browning) … Continue reading

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Destroying the World on a Budget

Review of Megafault (US-2009; dir. David Michael Latt) by Robert Hood The development of CGI as the standard methodology for SFX films, big and small, has not only increased the number of films that include giant monsters, even if only … Continue reading

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Review: Razortooth

Razortooth (US-2006; dir. Patricia Harrington) A thoroughly generic example of its subgenre, Razortooth differs mainly in featuring giant mutated eels instead of giant mutated crocodiles, snakes, lizards, sharks, crustaceans, piranha, Chinese snake-heads, birds, ferrets, rabbits or whatever particular species the … Continue reading

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Review: Ba’al

Ba’al [aka Ba’al: the Storm God] (US/Canada-2008; dir. Paul Ziller) Existing somewhere in the vast mid-range of cinematic quality, Ba’al is an entertaining B-film that aspires to originality (or maybe just deviation from the norm of low-budget genre films), even … Continue reading

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Review: Transmorphers: Fall of Man

Transmorphers: Fall of Man (US-2009; dir. Scott Wheeler) Somewhere midway along the continuum between “Good” and “Bad” in the subgenre where giant robots are depicted as alien invaders lies the 2009 Asylum film Transmorphers: Fall of Man. Shadowing Bay’s Transformers … Continue reading

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Review: The Land That Time Forgot

The Land That Time Forgot (US-2009; dir. C. Thomas Howell) The Asylum’s latest foray into the world of B-film genre mayhem is an enjoyable adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel, The Land That Time Forgot. Its blend of good-natured low-budget … Continue reading

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Review: Monster Island

Monster Island (Canada/US-2004; dir. Jack Perez) On the most obvious level, the plot of this MTV “Special Movie Presentation” is driven by pop music aesthetics aimed at the typical MTV audience — hence the inclusion of Carmen Electra and Nick … Continue reading

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