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There Goes the Neighbourhood

With the latest rendition of the zombie apocalypse about to hit screens worldwide, it’s perversely comforting to know that one’s hometown hasn’t been spared. World War Z (US-2013; dir. Marc Forster) is due for release on June 20, so the … Continue reading

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Not Just Another Zombie Film? Zombie Resurrection

An Exclusive Undead Backbrain Interview Mac (Jim Sweeney) gets up-close and personal with a rotten zombie (Leif Phelps) in Zombie Resurrection With its British accents and hints of thematic delving into some of the religious implications of zombieism, British splatterfest … Continue reading

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Destroying the World on a Budget

Review of Megafault (US-2009; dir. David Michael Latt) by Robert Hood The development of CGI as the standard methodology for SFX films, big and small, has not only increased the number of films that include giant monsters, even if only … Continue reading

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