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Super Zombies

What if the Justice League of America got turned into zombies? These model kits (available here [Sorry, the link has apparently been shutdown — ed.]) do for DC characters what Marvel did for their own characters in the wonderfully splendid … Continue reading

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Update: Zero Trooper-F

This clip — the first three minutes of Zero Trooper-F, the low-budget homage to such Japanese daikaiju/superhero epics as Ultraman, which appeared on the Backbrain a while back — has just been released on Man, am I ever impressed! … Continue reading

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New: Hancock

Actually, this superhero spin from Will Smith and director Peter Berg (who is set to direct yet another version of Frank Herbert’s classic SF novel, Dune, for 2010) looks like it might (a) work, and (b) be pretty funny…. …. … Continue reading

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