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Millennium Bug Infests DVD

More horrifically excellent news this Halloween as a genre-classic-in-the-making comes to DVD, heralded by great cover art and a fantastic new trailer. The Millennium Bug (US-2011; dir. Kenneth Cran) is a dark, raging powerhouse of a movie — an independent … Continue reading

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Insectula! Where Giant Insects Rule: A Backbrain Exclusive

Insectula [aka Insectula! Creature From Another World] is, in the words of its director, Michael Peterson, a movie about a giant mosquito-like alien attracted to Earth by the increased CO2 in the atmosphere. It has adopted the currently rather popular … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Rotgut Is Coming

You’ve no doubt seen bottles of mezcal con gusano with the worm in them? Maybe you’ve drunk the mezcal from one. Maybe you ate the worm. They told you it was safe, didn’t they? Well, maybe they lied! Rotgut is … Continue reading

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