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Monster Shark


from Shark: Rosso nell’oceano
[aka Apocalypse dans l’ocean rouge; Monster Shark;
Devouring Waves; Devilfish]
(Italy/France-1984; dir. Lamberto Bava)

French poster for Monster Shark

[Hogan, trying to record the monster’s cry] You filthy rotten bloody shark, LET ME HEAR YOU!

Famed horror master Mario Bava’s son, Lamberto Bava, directs his own take on the ‘creature feature’ genre. It mixes “Jaws” with “Tentacles” to create one of the wildest monsters ever: a giant mutant shark/octopus hybrid. However, there’s more to the creature’s appearance than that; it almost looks prehistoric in nature. Whatever it is, it’s a weird one — as you can see from the above French poster.

Monster Shark pic 1

Monster Shark pic 2

Monster Shark pic 3

Monster Shark pic 4

Monster Shark pic 5

Trailer for Monster Shark English version:

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16 Responses to Top 20 Craziest Kaiju: Number 11

  1. Terry Frost says:

    That’s not a shark, it’s a close up of an Englishman’s teeth. Shark Attack 3: Megalodon is good too. It has the worst line in cinema, spoken by John Barrowman. ”I’m feeling really wired, how about I take you home and eat your p***y?”

  2. Avery says:

    Wow!!That is a bad line!! Talk about straight forward.Less beating around the bush.More beating the ‘bush’.”Monster Shark” is definitely one of the wildest and weirdest looking creatures to ever grace the screen.A lot of creativity went into it’s design.

  3. Backbrain says:

    Terry, I’ve seen “Megalodon” at the rental store but haven’t watched it yet. That line makes it essential viewing!

  4. Terry Frost says:

    Definitely do so, Rob. A couple of drinkies and you and Cat will giggle your way through that one.

  5. Terry Frost says:

    I believe that John Barrowman improvised the line and gives it a delivery that only a gay man can.

  6. Backbrain says:

    Cat’s rather keen on giant prehistoric sharks… in their proper place, of course.

  7. Terry Frost says:

    In their proper place? On a barbecue spit?

  8. Backbrain says:

    Naturally. Yum. Prehistoric seafood. Quite a delicacy.

  9. Jacob says:

    a interesting monster. Nothing as unusual as a giant walking ass.

  10. Backbrain says:

    No, not THAT unusual certainly. But strange enough, I suppose.

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  13. Arsnof says:

    Interesting. Isn’t that the same maw on the monster in The Host?

  14. Backbrain says:

    Certainly very similar, but more spiky and crustacean in nature.

  15. Eric C. says:

    I’ve seen this bad boy before, but that was some time ago. But still the creature’s head is similar to a prehistoric fish called the Dunkleosteus and its the same creature that I saw the special Sea Monsters or something like it with wild life personality Nigel Marvin. So its still one weird creature, but in a good way.

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