Audio: Zombie Cheerleaders

Give me a B, give me an R, give me an A, I, N! What d’we want? BRAINS! When do we want ’em? NOW! and Grindhouse Audio has obliged for Halloween and you can download a series of free audioplays from the website, one of which is full of gory zombie mayhem!

Zombie Cheerleaders poster

An over-caffeinated cop arrests a blood- and gore-covered High School bus driver wielding an ax… and parts of bodies line the rain-soaked highways, cemeteries, and surrounding areas. He has all the evidence he needs… open-and-shut case — or so the cop thinks. But he didn’t count on a military semi truck transporting highly toxic secret bioweapons. Nor did he give much credence to the bus driver’s claim that ZOMBIE CHEERLEADERS were out to get him…

Join the carnage… But beware of the ZOMBIE Cheerleaders…

It goes for about 30 minutes, comes with abundant warnings of adult content, and as it’s marked “ep1” there will be more gore to come, I assume….

Oh yeah, and it’s free (apart from the cost to your sanity).

The site includes lots of other audioplays of a less-than-New Age nature.

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