Got the Pesticide Handy?

Backbrain started tracking this giant insect film early on, picked up via a casting call notice.

Pesticide (US-2009; dir. Pat Cerrato)

Well, the film’s on the way now, and to prove it director Cerrato has just put a teaser trailer on YouTube. It’s an early “rough cut” and a work-in-progress, and it doesn’t give us much direct big bug action to be going on with. But what there is is suggestive of great things. Just pay attention during the final few seconds of this clip.

And keep one hand on the spray can!

Thanks, Avery!

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1 Response to Got the Pesticide Handy?

  1. Avery says:

    Wow!! The cameo of the big fellow at the end of the teaser was classic! Definitely worth the wait. Nice!This one really has an epic feel to it. Can’t wait for more!

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