Trailer for The Man Who Summons Kaiju

Here’s a teaser trailer for The Man Who Summons Kaiju [aka Kaijû wo yobu otoko] (Japan-2010; dir. Daisuke Andô), which we introduced on Undead Backbrain last week. It lacks subtitles, so the Japanese literate among you will have a better idea about what’s going on than us.

Below are a few more images from (or relating to) the film, showing some of the locations in Saga Prefecture where the short film was shot. Most feature leads Gen Hoshino (as the filmmaker Kouta Soejima) and Nao Nagasawa (as Nanae Fukami).

And there’s a shot of the ubiquitous kaiju mascot than followed the production around, here hiding among some of Saga’s produce:

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