American Kaiju: The Comic Series

Kaiju artist extraordinaire, Todd Tennant — whose work has featured on Undead Backbrain many times (and even appears in the blog’s current header image) — has just told me what has to be the news of the month.

“I have agreed to produce four American Kaiju comic books for Bluewater Productions,” he reported. “These will also be released as a graphic novel upon completion.”

For those of us who have followed Tennant’s free online comics on his American Kaiju website, this news will certainly provoke howls of joy. Bluewater Productions is well-known as a producer of biopic comics, but also horror-fantasy epics, such as Tennant’s upcoming It Came From Beneath the Sea … Again graphic novel.

Want a sneak peak? Say hello to one of Tennant’s more imposing monster characters, Poseidon:

Tennant’s Bluewater American Kaiju comics will involve story ideas and characters developed by both writing collaborator Mike Bogue and Tennant himself. “The plots and characters have been updated,” he said.

“It will feature eight … that’s right, eight Kaiju characters battling it out in various and sundry parts of the Globe. I’ve already introduced you to Poseidon [pictured above], and some of my website readers may remember Gigante, Aligon … and oh yeah, a large Megalanian-mutation named King Komodo will be there in the mix as well. KK’s former sparring partner Snow (to be renamed by the news media as King Yeti) will also be making a return visit. There will be three new kaiju rounding out the action, along with some other surprises.”

Tennant gave Undead Backbrain this exclusive teaser:

Check out the American Kaiju site to expose yourself to some great Kaiju action. You can even read the 78 pages of Tennant’s unofficial graphic-novel rendition of the rejected Ted Elliott/Terry Rossio 1994 Godzilla screenplay — the one they dumped in favour of Roland Emmerich’s less-than-Godzilla-ish 1998 blockbuster. It’s wonderful stuff!

Source: Todd Tennant. Written by Robert Hood.

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  1. Avery says:

    Awesome news! Congrats Todd!

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