The Rot Beneath the Skin

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No, this Perfect Touch TVC advertisement doesn’t represent the Backbrain’s sudden embracing of commercialism. In fact, it’s a lead-in to a new Australian horror/comedy short film called I Rot (Australia-2011; short; dir. Josef J. Weber).

A satire of corporate ambition, I Rot ironically identifies the moral decay festering at the heart of a cosmetics empire.


Pete Waterman (Terry Rogers) is on a hunt to find happiness in his rotten world as CEO to the world’s largest cosmetics company. His job is the only aspect of his rotten life that makes him happy but when his job is threatened to be taken away by the four employees he despises most, Pete takes murderous action. Pete is backed into a corner and the only way out is to slice and dice his way out.

I Rot is a gore fest packed with action, terror and laughs so outrageously over the top you will love to hate Pete Waterman.


[youtube Inn_fENB3yc]

Director Josef J. Weber graduated from Flinders University South Australia in 2008 with a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Screen Studies, an in the brief time between then and now he has made two short horror films — The Decayed (2009) and now I Rot. Josef identifies himself as a director of horror films.

“Horror films were a staple in my upbringing as a genre filmmaker — from the age of 11,” he commented. “I’m fascinated with exploring the darker side in the characters and the worlds I created on the script page.” In fact, he prides himself on being an up-and-coming director in the horror genre.

An official selection at the 2011 International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival, I Rot is currently doing the festival rounds, so keep an eye out — not literally, of course, unless you’re that way inclined.

Weber says that an I Rot feature film is currently in script development, along with a handful of other scripts. “Next step for me,” he added, “is a feature.”

You can check out his previous film, The Decayed, in its entirety at the Undead Backbrain cinemaplex here.

Sources: Josef J. Weber via Avery Guerra. Official Website; Twitter; IMDb.

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  1. Avery says:

    Looks fantastic! Hopefully we’ll get to see the full short soon enough. This one is perfect for a feature film adaption. The possibilities are endless!

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