Vehicular Cuteness

Check out this Nissan concept car — an all-directional electrical vehicle complete with cute Japanese robot computer system.

It just not much use for escaping from giant monsters …

Nissan unveiled the electric-powered Pivo 2 concept car in the lead-up to the 40th Tokyo Motor Show (October 26 to November 11).

Designed for urban use, the Pivo 2 features a 360-degree revolving cabin, inherited from the first-generation Pivo, allowing the driver to always face forward while driving, even when parallel parking, and to access the unique front door from any direction. The three-seat car is equipped with safety systems such as Around View Monitor (AVM), Distance Control Assist System (DCAS) and also a Robotic Agent that uses facial monitoring technology to interact with the driver.

From YouTube description.

Love the robot driver’s aid!

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