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Visions of the Future

What if we could see the future? That’d be cool, eh? At least we’d have a better idea what exactly we’re in for. Below are some samples. Don’t forget to read the fine-print — and click on image to enlarge. … Continue reading

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A Monster in Tokyo Harbour!

Yes, you’ve seen it all before, but this time it’s for real! This isn’t recent news, and you probably have seen it, but I love it anyway. As part of an event held in the Odaiba area of Tokyo, to … Continue reading

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Vehicular Cuteness

Check out this Nissan concept car — an all-directional electrical vehicle complete with cute Japanese robot computer system. It just not much use for escaping from giant monsters … Nissan unveiled the electric-powered Pivo 2 concept car in the lead-up … Continue reading

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More Robots: Big Dog

I seem to be obsessing about robots at the moment. Well, here’s a real one — a quadruped named Big Dog made by Boston Dynamics. Its life-like movement, ability to right itself in event of mishap and handling of rough … Continue reading

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Giant Robot in Space!

This one’s not fiction! The report comes from Wired News (via Iain Triffitt): Astronauts bound for orbit this week will dabble in science fiction, assembling a “monstrous” two-armed space station robot that will rise like Frankenstein from its transport bed. … Continue reading

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Don’t eat my brains!

Have I mentioned that Cat Sparks does things to my head? Actually she was showing me her new work computer — and the grosser capabilities of a program called Photo Booth. Reminds me of the orgy scene from Brian Yuzna’s … Continue reading

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