Robots and Dragons

Two new releases from current exploitation leaders The Asylum (whose mandate seems to be to rush into production cheap films with titles that echo upcoming major releases or which cash in on box-office trends, even if the plots are completely different):

The Day the Earth Stopped (US-2008; dir. C. Thomas Howell)

Day the Earth Stopped poster

Hundreds of massive intergalactic robots appear in all of the major world capitals with an ultimatum: Prove the value of human civilization or be destroyed.

And I mean these robots are BIG! Check out the legs…

Day the Earth Stopped pic 1

Unlike its tacit “inspiration”, the imminent The Day the Earth Stood Still remake, this one seems to involve not a saviour but a destroyer — a sort of anti-Buffy:

Day tghe Earth Stopped pic 2

Merlin and the War of the Dragons (US-2008; dir. Mark Atkins)

Merlin and the War of the Dragons poster

An army of dragons invade the crippled English countryside and the apprentice wizard Merlin must confront the fire-breathing beasts.

So… dragons and Excaliber and dragons and fire and horses and stuff… Did I mention dragons?

Merlin and the War of the Dragons

Thanks as always to Avery for passing on the info.

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1 Response to Robots and Dragons

  1. Avery says:

    WOW!! Now those are what I call GIANT robots!! Also, the dragons look really cool as well. It looks like “The Asylum Ent.” are stepping up their effects and are trying more with these two new efforts. They’ve also announced “Mega-Shark vs. Giant Squid”, “Transmorphers: 2”, and “Dragon Quest” all for 2009. It sounds like they’re out to corner the giant monster genre for next year huh??

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