Zombie Cheerleaders Two: The Pom-Poms of Death


First there was Zombie Cheerleaders, an epic audio tale of flesh, death and coordinated chanting of “Brraaiiinnns! Who’s got ’em? You have! When do we want ’em? Now!!!!”

Now there’s a sequel, to be released this Halloween, called Zombie Cheerleaders Two: The Pom-Poms of Death. And it’s bound to be a killer. How do I know? Well, I came to a nasty end as a result of this show. They invite me in to record a promotional spot for them and what happens? No wonder I’m bitter and twisted! Just listen to this, and you’ll understand.

Click here: Zombie Cheerleaders 2 promo

While waiting for Zombie Cheerleaders Two: The Pom-Poms of Death to arrive, be sure to check out some of the other great audioplays available from BrokenSea Audio Productions — everything from Doctor Who to Escape From New York to The X-Files! I’ve been listening to these and also the adventures of Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter — and can thoroughly recommend them.

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