The Incredible HALKa


So this small guy has a passion for a girl who seems to spent a lot of time on display on her balcony. He gets mocked and bullied by the big guys. So he resorts to a green chemical concoction (never a great idea) and then turns in a gigantic green guy when provoked. An Incredible Hulk Origins re-boot? No. It’s HALKa, a typically bizarre Hulk rip-off from Bangladesh, directed by Sohel Afgani Rana. Um, I think it’s a comedy…

Here’s how the first appearance of the Hul… um, HALKa plays out:

Apparently it’s 45 minutes long.


Bring on the Avengers!

  • Source: io9 via Avery Guerra  |  written by Robert Hood
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  1. mak says:

    hey! 1.5years have gone still so sign of releasing this movie!! we all are waiting for this!!!

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