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Tarzan In India, With Cyclops

The mythic critter Cyclops, with one eye and optional horn, has turned up a few times in the history of cinema, usually in a cameo role. Though he did take the lead, sans horn, in the not-overly-memorable Cyclops (US-2008; dir. … Continue reading

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India’s Most Expensive Robot

Said to be the most expensive film yet made in India, Endhiran [aka The Robot] (India-2010; dir. S. Shankar) is full of bizarre effects, action, singing and dancing — everything we might expect from Bollywood, in fact. More, it’s got … Continue reading

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The Incredible HALKa

So this small guy has a passion for a girl who seems to spent a lot of time on display on her balcony. He gets mocked and bullied by the big guys. So he resorts to a green chemical concoction … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Travels of King Kong

King Kong has been sighted in Bangladesh! Yes, it’s an unofficial remake of King Kong, made in Bangladesh and released on 28 May 2010. Banglar King Kong (Bangladesh-2010; dir. Iftekar Jahan) Synopsis: King Kong comes to Bangladesh in search of … Continue reading

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Of Snakes and Women! (Part Two)

Following on from Of Snakes and Women! (Part One) Hisss! The mythology of the snake woman, at least in its Asian aspect, is the subject of a new film by Jennifer Lynch, director of Boxing Helena (1993) and Surveillance (2008). … Continue reading

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Review: Devi

Now this is what I call a giant monster! It towers so far out of the atmosphere that meteors and planets revolve around its heads (though lack of oxygen proves no hindrance to its fire-breathing, I notice). And when it … Continue reading

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Those All-Singing, All-Dancing Ghosts

Here is a 7-minute scene from the Indian ghost comedy Bhoot Bangla [aka Ghost House] (1965; dir. Mehmood). R.D. Burman and Mehmood form a sort of Bob Hope/Bing Crosby combo in a haunted house — where everyone, in true Bollywood … Continue reading

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