Will the Real Thing Top This?

With the imminent premiere of the much-anticipated zombie TV series, The Walking Dead, shambling ever closer (Halloween), one fan of the show has produced a title sequence that’s going to be hard to beat.

Daniel Kanemoto utilises artwork taken from the brilliant Robert Kirkman comic series of the same name (artists: Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard). With a scenario that snips off from George A. Romero’s iconic Living Dead films, The Walking Dead follows the day-to-day struggle to survive of a mixed group of people after the zombie apocalypse destroys Civilisation As We Know It.

If the show hasn’t finalised its official title sequence yet, they should give Kanemoto a call.

THE WALKING DEAD “Opening Titles” from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

Animated by Daniel M. Kanemoto
“The Walking Dead” Artwork by Charlie Adlard & Tony Moore
“Fresh Blood” Written & Performed by eels
Music Editing by Jeff Yorkes

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