New: Attack of the Indian Werewolf

Touted as the most ambitious film ever to come from South Africa, Attack of the Indian Werewolf (South Africa-2010; dir. Masood Boomgaard) is a horror comedy of a somewhat wacky kind — Indian style.

“Get dalad”?


Brandon (Neville Pillay) is a timid electronics store clerk whose life is turned upside down when a chance encounter with the mystical jadoo bean transforms him into a ferocious wolf-like creature from which no one is safe — let alone his cheating girlfriend (Avashnee Vandiar) and abusive boss (A.K Khan).

Brandon’s spontaneous transformations into the beast cause him to unleash bloody carnage across his town and it is up to his best friend, the over the top Kuben (Sanjeev Singh) and his childhood sweetheart Samantha (Kajal Maharaj) to find a cure to the jadoo bean’s curse and put an end to the havoc. (Official website)

Above: Neville Pillar contemplates transformation and Kajal Maharaj

Above: Avashnee Vandiar wonders why there’s so much light
coming through Nesan Pather’s ear


Attack of the Indian Werewolf, which was filmed in Durban, had its World Premiere at the Durban International Film Festival on 25 July 2010 and marks the feature directorial debut of director Boomgaard. The film has been acquired by distribution company Videovision Entertainment. Sanjeev Singh, Director of Acquisition and Distribution of Videovision Entertainment, commented:

Despite the limited budget of the film, Masood Boomgaard has created a really funny spoof on the werewolf genre films, which shows his talent and resourcefulness as a director. (

Above: Kajal Maharaj

And there will be blood:

More pictures in the Gallery below.

You can listen to music from the film on Reverbnation. Here’s an example of its South African/Indian crotch-focused hip-hop:

From the trailers and clips, toilet humour seems to play a big part in the proceedings, too.

Sources: Facebook page; Official website. Research: Avery Guerra  |  Writing: Robert Hood


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  5. masood says:

    in case you’re wondering, “dalad” is a south african slang word. its past tense for dala

    dala (verb)- 1) to inflict harm on someone, to beat up,kill
    2) act of sexual intercourse

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