The Age of Dragons is Here!

Once upon a time, when we first reported on it, Age of Dragons was called Dragon Fire (see previous Backbrain article). Based on Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick, it translates the 19th Century setting of the novel into a land-based fantastical world and the Great White Whale becomes a huge white dragon — the key obsession of Captain Ahab, as in the original, though here Ahab (played by Danny Glover) is a dragon hunter rather than a whaler. To read about how it was developing in May last year, check of the update on Undead Brainspasm.

Since then a full official trailer has been released — and it’s looking much better than I’d hoped.

Age of the Dragons (US-2011; dir. Ryan Little)

Final Trailer:


Imagine an ancient world where the sky can turn into an unpredictable and ruthless enemy. A world lit by a precious liquid [vitriol] only found in the throat of dangerous predators. In this world of snow and fog, a small band of adventurers and hunters embark on a journey led by a tortured Captain consumed by his obsession with revenge. As they struggle to stay alive across the cold forbidden lands, they will build true friendship, lose loved ones, and fight brutal creatures until truth is unraveled and vengeance is served. (Official website)

And here’s the latest poster:

Age of Dragons poster

  • Danny Glover is Captain Ahab (above) — the Captain of the Pequod, driven by a maniacal desire to kill the great white dragon that maimed and killed his loved ones earlier in his life.
  • Vinnie Jones is Stubbs — second mate of the Pequod.
  • Corey Sevier is Ishmael — an adventurer and a poet.
  • Sofia Pernas is Rachel — adopted as a child by Ahab after her father was killed by the Great White Dragon, now a skilled and fearless hunter.
  • Kepa Kruse is Queequeg — a skilled harpoonist from the South Seas and a close friend of Ishmael.
  • Larry Bagby is Flask — an extractor, trained in the dangerous art of surgically removing the sacks of vitriol from the dragon’s throat.
  • David Morgan is Starbuck — chief-mate of the Pequod.

And this is the Pequod — a “land-ship”.

Concept Art by Kory Lynn Hubbell:

There are many more images in the Gallery below. Check them out.


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