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The Age of Dragons is Here!

Once upon a time, when we first reported on it, Age of Dragons was called Dragon Fire (see previous Backbrain article). Based on Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick, it translates the 19th Century setting of the novel into a land-based … Continue reading

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First Trailer: Age of the Dragons

In the previous Backbrain post, we revealed the Asylum’s modernised take on Herman Melville’s iconic novel, Moby Dick. Now we get the first trailer for Ryan Little’s draconic remix of the same story, starring Danny Glover as the medieval dragon-hunting … Continue reading

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Moby Dick Gets an Asylum Makeover

I’ve always considered that Herman Melville’s famous novel Moby Dick, stripped of its encyclopedic details for the screen, readily becomes a full-on giant monster tale. The best version so far, John Huston’s 1956 adaptation, starring Gregory Peck as the bitter … Continue reading

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Giant Squid!

We all like a good bit of giant squid action. Artist Maxwell Perry (pictured below) is intent on providing some in a short animated film called Giant Squid. The film, produced through Dimly Lit Films (“Fine Purveyor of Short Animated … Continue reading

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Moby Dick Goes Dragon

Herman Melville’s seminal American novel, Moby Dick, has always been a giant monster tale, particularly as depicted in what remains the best film version, the 1956 John Huston one starring Gregory Peck as the obsessed Captain Ahab. If you can’t … Continue reading

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