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Hellyfish Slouches Towards Us?

As the poet Yeats asked: “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?” Well, folks, it’s a giant jellyfish. It may not be slouching towards Bethlehem, but it is heading towards a … Continue reading

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The Rot Beneath the Skin

But first, an ad break: [youtube 3Xr1GQkSjGw] No, this Perfect Touch TVC advertisement doesn’t represent the Backbrain’s sudden embracing of commercialism. In fact, it’s a lead-in to a new Australian horror/comedy short film called I Rot (Australia-2011; short; dir. Josef … Continue reading

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Review: Sex and Insects

The Midge (UK-2010; short [11:22 min.]; dir. Rory Lowe) To quote Wikipedia: “Midges comprise many kinds of very small two-winged flies found world-wide. The term does not encapsulate a well-defined taxonomic group, but includes animals in several families of Nematoceran … Continue reading

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Keeping the Werewolf Drugged

Making a connection between lycanthropy and drug addiction should add an effective metaphorical texture to Joel Potrykus’ short film, Coyote. Drugs and addiction have been effectively applied to the vampire mythos, where an obvious synchronicity exists between the vampire’s need … Continue reading

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