American Kaiju: Aligon Attacks!

Hot on the heels of his announcement that Bluewater Productions has contracted him to produce a series of American Kaiju comics, Todd Tennant has provided the Backbrain with a pic of another of his feature monsters — this time, Aligon — and a teaser image to entice you into the fold (if you’re not already there).

Clearly something’s arrived in the Big Apple!

And here’s Aligon, whose genetic background is made clear by the name.

If you’re not looking forward to this series of Todd’s, then you must have come to this site by accident.

Source: Todd Tennant. See this previous Backbrain article for more, and don’t forget to check out Todd Tennant’s graphic novelisation of the rejected Ted Elliott/Terry Rossio 1994 Godzilla screenplay.

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