Exclusive: Jurassic Shark

Giant and/or mutant sharks aren’t showing any sign of abandoning their attack on our cultural sensibilities! Latest news from the irrepressible Brett Kelly  — B-film exploitation dynamo — is that he has begun pre-production on Jurassic Shark, the story of two groups of people — one, a group of students, the other, a group of criminals — who are shipwrecked on an island by a giant shark. The island was once used for illegal drilling, and the oil company inadvertantly released the giant shark from its slumber. The result will be bloody mayhem.

Kelly’s films are self-aware celebrations of whatever B-film tradition enters the producer/director’s red-eyed sights, beautifully capturing the tawdry splendours, and glorious excitement, of  low-budget exploitation cinema. From that poster, he’s definitely on the case here. Nice pun, too!

Kelly told Undead Backbrain that the cast hasn’t been finalised yet, but the script was written by David A. Lloyd (Iron Soldier) with Trevor Payer (She-Rex). He begins filming in September.

In passing, I notice that he’s got a zombie flick on the way:

I wonder if it’s a musical…

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