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Who Says the Space Monsters Must Die?

So what do you get when you toss a gaggle of giant monsters into the one film? Pacific Rim? Well, yeah, but not this time. Destroy All Monsters? That’s more like it, at least according to the director of a … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Jurassic Shark

Giant and/or mutant sharks aren’t showing any sign of abandoning their attack on our cultural sensibilities! Latest news from the irrepressible Brett Kelly  — B-film exploitation dynamo — is that he has begun pre-production on Jurassic Shark, the story of … Continue reading

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Brainspasm Updates

Things have been a bit hectic for the Backbrain, hence the slowness of new material appearing here. However, I have been adding some image-heavy updates to our sister site, Undead Brainspasm. News on a new low-budget superhero flick from independent … Continue reading

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