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Ah, vampire movies! There’s been so many — and they’re so varied. Well, this one’s got fangs, blood, bare flesh, blood on bare flesh, entrails, lots of cleavage, gaudily lavish costumes, beautiful female vampires, and a van Helsing or two. It even throws in a government conspiracy for good measure. The film clearly has nothing to do with Twilight, but just as clearly it has leapt on the mid-70s Hammer carriage and is flogging the horses on with gusto.

Empress Vampire (aka Huang Hou Xi Xue Gui) (US-2011; dir. Phil Condit) and its old-school mix of low-tech horror and extravagant exploitation aesthetics must come as something of a relief to all those vampire aficionados out there currently feeling stifled by the undead soul-searching, school-girl infatuation and glittery vamp-hugging that we’ve been inflicted with during this part of the century.


The government gets more than it bargained for when it tries to enlist the Empress Vampire (Ange Maya) to use her death-dealing skills as a secret agent.  On orders from Secretary of Defense Arthur Hayes (Tom Cochran), FBI Agent Dan Higgins (Beau Nelson) is sent to locate the Empress. When he encounters a vampire hunter (Garrett Brawith) and a psychic (Laura Contenescu) also intent on finding her, they join forces to track her down. The search gets deadly when the Empress turns the tables and starts hunting the hunters.

Enter the darkness.

Says director Phil Condit, “Not for the squeamish or easily offended, Empress Vampire is an erotically charged, lethal journey into the darkness of the human soul, the darkness of greed and corruption, and the darkness of the perversion of the Empress Vampire.”


[youtube uMMVGLcQsZM]

In the picture below, director Condit does a “Hitchcock” (hint: he’s the guy in the hat).

Empress Vampire has just completed post-production and is awaiting release. Check out more images from the film in the gallery below.

  • Source: Phil Condit via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood.


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