Exclusive! First Look at Maggots!

Bobby Bragg has been in the film business for quite a while now, mostly as a stuntman and actor, but also in other major roles from writer to director and producer. In a career that spans several decades from the mid-1980s to the present, he has been involved in genre exploitation classics (and not-so-classics) such as Waxworks, Hell Comes to Frogtown, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New BloodSundown: The Vampire in Retreat, Alienator, Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror and even the TV series L.A. Heat.

Now he takes on Maggots.

As director/executive producer/producer/FX — and in conjunction with the irrepressible Fred Olen Ray in the role of executive producer/FX supervisor/FX — Bragg is bringing to the screen a new alien invasion thriller that features giant maggots … giant maggots with claws. It is the first in a slew of new genre films Undead Backbrain will be revealing to the world in coming months.


A meteor blasts through space and quickly enters the Earth’s atmosphere, crashing hard and littering the area with fragments of meteorite. Two unsuspecting campers witness the spectacle and proceed to investigate. Maggots crawl from the broken fragments and start to grow as they escape the space rock. A group of youth re-habbers are on a field trip to the area as two scientists from the local university are dispatched to investigate… It soon becomes a fight to survive the giant maggots, which have acquired a thirst for human blood. Will there be maggot steaks at the local diner or human carnage, in this thrill ride of maggot mayhem!


William Prosser – HEATH
Deone Jennings – DANI
Nikki Grill – CHRISTINA
Jesse Bragg Jacobs – LARRY
Andres Coria – CHESTER
Sarah Ashley Stringer – SHELLY
Aaron Knudson – HANK
Jerry Bell Jr. – BIG JIM
Catherine Johnson – EDITH
Theo Montgomery – RANCE
Louise Stinson – WAITRESS
Sophia Brown – CAMPER
David Howarth – CAMPER 2

Stay tuned for more information…. and check out more images from Maggots below.

  • Source: Bobby Bragg and Fred Olen Ray. Via Avery Guerra. Written by Robert Hood.
  • Sorotv website


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6 Responses to Exclusive! First Look at Maggots!

  1. Very exciting! I can’t wait to see more movies in this series. Keep up the great work!

  2. Chris Romero says:

    I love Bobby Bragg movies! Anything he does cracks me up and gets me excited. Can’t wait to see this one!!!

  3. Jerry Wisner says:

    I like the way Bobby Bragg make movies! Looking forward to seeing this one.

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  6. I thus enjoyed all of this website and I’ve saved your blog to keep up with the new topics you will submit in the future.

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